Originating in 1956 under retail store heir and founder Hal Authenreith, Northwood Realty Services has grown from its humble roots in the North Hills section of Pittsburgh – complete with a lone office, six desks, and enormous potential – into the fastest-growing real estate firm in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio today.


Through economic booms and recessions, through periods of rapid expansion, and through the excitement of watching a great idea come to life thanks to dedicated people at every level of the organization, Northwood has achieved its success by always placing people first.


For 60 years, we have valued our agents as professionals and as friends. We have treated every buyer and seller as partners on a journey to a smooth, beneficial closing. And we continue to absolutely love the neighborhoods where we make a difference every day.


The history of Northwood is the history of helping this region's people see their dreams of home ownership come true. It is a history still being written every day, and for many decades to come.